Dryland Tip: Plank

Uploaded on December 20, 2012 by G_John
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Purpose: The plank is a common anterior saggital core strengthening exercise. Unfortunately, this exercise is commonly performed improperly and dangerously. This exercise provides applications for full body strengthening, improving streamlined positions, and finding the ability to create tension and relax. Directions: Lie on your stomach, then prop yourself on your forearms and toes. Keep your spine long, by tucking your pelvis and tightening your core musculature. Also, keep your chin tucked to further enhance the streamlined position. Once this is accomplished, the athlete can begin tightening their glutes, then their thighs, then attempting to squeeze their thighs together, and lastly attempt pulling their arms down. These adaptations should be added slowly without compromising the streamlined position. Perform for approximately 20 seconds.
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