STM Piriformis

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Purpose: The piriformis is a muscle in the back of the hip spanning across each buttock. This muscle is typically hypertonic in those with low back pain, and may cause radicular symptoms (altered sensation down the leg). Radicular symptoms may occur because this muscle lies directly over the sciatic nerve and often causes irritation to this structure when hypertonic. A hypertonic piriformis also inhibits core strength by altering the muscle-length relationship of the core musculature.

Directions: Place a tennis ball on the upper, outer, backside part of your hip, and cross the mobilizing leg over the opposite leg. Lift your body weight through your hands and sink your body weight in to the ball. Expect soreness in the hypertonic areas during the mobilization, not pain.

Perform for 30 seconds - 2 minutes and move slower over the tenderest spots.
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