Bosu Tilts

Uploaded on March 13, 2013 by G_John
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Purpose: Bosu tilt plank exercise helps increasing core abs stability, strength in knees and lower body muscles through a complete body workout. Bosu plank exercise greatly works on stability, balance and coordination throughout the exercise. Placing the Bosu ball’s round surface on the floor provides you instability for your workout that improves your focus, strength and balance positively. The side to side movement of Bosu ball while making a plank challenges your body more to work harder to maintain the move and force your spine and back to be neutral. You have to keep your back straight throughout the workout. Description: Place the flat side up, and begin in a straight arm prone plank position. With your back straight and abs drawn up to your spine, apply more pressure to one side of the bosu-style ball so it tilts down to the ground. Then using your abs, return the bosu-style ball to starting position. Repeat on the other side. Perform this exercise 10 times per side.
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