Dryland Tip: Reach Through with Band

Uploaded on November 22, 2012 by G_John
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By G. John Mullen of and, Creator of Swimmer’s Shoulder System, Swimming World correspondent

Purpose: The pull through is a beginner exercise which teaches the hip hinge movement. This motion is similar to those in short axis strokes (fly and breast) and helps swimmers differentiate their hips and lumbar spine. The pull through can be progressed with other hip hinge movements, such as the deadlift, single leg deadlift, and good mornings.

Directions: Attach a resistance band at approximately knee height. Next, stand up tall with the shoulder blades pinched down and back (like you're holding a piece a paper between them) and have the band between your legs. Start moving the hips backwards with your hands between your legs. Reach as far as possible, with your knees slightly bent. During this movement, you should feel a strong pull in your hamstrings and glutes. At the end of this movement, return to the standing position, by bringing the hips forward and lifting the chest forward. As your rise, make sure you are tightening your hamstrings and glutes.

Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions to learn this movement. Happy Thanksgiving!

G. John Mullen is the owner of the Center of Optimal Restoration and creator of Swimming Science. He received his doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. G. John has been featured in Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, and the International Society of Swim Coaches Journal.
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