March II

Uploaded on June 21, 2012 by G_John
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Purpose: The goal of the marching exercise is to increase core stability and strength. Moreover, it teaches athletes how to differentiate their hip flexors and diaphragm from their core. The march results in maximal core contraction, limiting excessive mobility and instability in the low back. Lastly, this exercise helps swimmers straighten their back and find a streamline position. Directions: Rules 1. Maintain the back position as instructed. 2. Do not let that position change AT ALL during the exercise. 3. Stop if the exercise causes 'your pain'. 4. Stop if can not keep the correct back position Step 1 Lie on your back, posteriorly tilt your pelvis to “tuck under”. Ensure your abdominals are tight and expanding 3-dimensionally for maximal contraction. To feel if your abs are tight, place your hand under the small of your low back. This hand is your feedback mechanism, don’t let the pressure in your hand alter during the exercise. Also, keep your shoulders relaxed and on the ground! Step 2 Bring one knee to chest. Hold it there. Then bring the other knee to the chest. Let one leg down, then the other. Repeat.
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