Dryland Tip: KB Swing

Uploaded on May 9, 2012 by G_John
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Purpose: The kettlebell swing is a popular exercise among kettlebell advocates, but this exercise is not only for kettlebell advocates as it has swimming specific characteristics. The purpose of the swing is to learn a hip hinge, teaching an athlete to differentiate their hips and spine. Once this distinct occurs, the kettlebell swing is used to teach hip speed. Hip speed is essential both short axis stroke.

Directions: Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart and your shoulders in the compact position. Next, drive your hips back, keeping your spine long, andreach the kettlebell between your legs. After driving the hips back, rapidly bring your hips forward and raise your chest to stand straight up. Make sure to tighten your glutes and keep your chest and hips moving as a unit and keep your arms relaxed, this is a lower body movement with shoulder blade stability, don't attempt to lift the kettlebell with your arms!.

Perform for 10 - 15 repetitions.
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