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Off The Wall: Milorad Cavic’s Retirement; Handicapping the Golden Goggles

Uploaded on October 17, 2012 by Jason
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SEATTLE, Washington, October 17. OFF THE WALL on Swimming World Radio returns with its 13th episode. Hosts Nathan Jendrick and Felipe Delgado chat about a whole host of topics today.

Some of the topics covered are Milorad Cavic’s retirement, handicapping and picking favorites for the upcoming Golden Goggle Awards to be held in New York. Jendrick and Delgado also talk about some of the issues surrounding being a professional swimmer. The duo continues the discussion brought up regarding the FINA World Cup not being held in the United States.

The two also take a bit of time to talk football, including the two Sun Devils chatting about a huge game coming up on Thursday for ASU hosting Oregon. Jendrick explains how both he and Megan are now enrolled at Arizona State University online, and the experience of having a school to cheer for.
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