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Split Time: Swimmer Psyche

Uploaded on March 25, 2011 by Garrett
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I hope all of you have been enjoying the last month or so of swimming as much as I have. We’ve seen fast times from a lot of swimmers, including some young up and coming super stars. Names like Missy Franklin, David Nolan, and Rachel Bootsma have had super star swims that make it tough to remember that these kids are just that… high school kids. They’re giving American swim fans a lot of confidence in the next crop of swimming super stars, but with that attention comes pressure. They’ve set a very high bar for themselves and those expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment. What can coaches and parent’s be doing to prevent their young, successful swimmers from getting buried under those expectations? To discuss this we’ve brought in a sports psychologist from the University of Arizona. Dr. Scott Goldman joins us from Tucson, Arizona.
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