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Ready Room: George Block

Uploaded on December 21, 2010 by Kaitlin
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George Block, a former president of the American Swimming Coaches Association, talked with Brent Rutemiller about the controversy surrounding the availability of the new swimsuits and the economic issues that ensue. Block said the legislation, which was recently passed by USA Swimming restricting the type of swimsuits kids can wear, is becoming a heated battle. In this interview, filmed five weeks before the USA Swimming decision, Block said parents, swimmers and coaches are going to debate what he calls an "innocuous" rule. He added that he fears that the swimsuit prices could create another barrier into the sport for lower-income families in a time when USA Swimming is working hard to reach out to those communities. With the success of the Olympics creating a membership surge across the United States, Block talks about the reasons why a fall swimming season in high school could help even water polo, allow high schools to take advantage of the post-Olympic bump and help kids in the classroom.
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