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Ready Room Interview: Haley Scott-DeMaria

Uploaded on July 2, 2010 by jeff
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Haley Scott DeMaria, the author of the new book What Though the Odds, talks about the events surrounding the horrific bus accident that killed two of her teammates at Notre Dame University and broke her back, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. On Jan. 24, 1992, the chartered bus carrying the Notre Dame women's swim team from a meet at Northwestern University skidded on a patch of ice and turned over in the middle of a heavy snowstorm. Two swimmers were killed, and Scott landed on her spine and crushed three vertebrae. Scott DeMaria talks about the circumstances following the crash and what a teammate did to keep her safe. The first week following the accident was a diverse series of emotions, and What Though the Odds describes those days in great detail. Scott DeMaria says her body did not respond as planned after surgery. But at the end of the first week, after lots of positive self-talk, she began to move her big right toe. Almost two months later, she was walking with a cane and had begun water therapy. But shortly thereafter, she suffered a major physical setback that required more surgeries. In the years since the accident, Scott DeMaria has relied heavily on the power of imagery, and has rediscovered her faith through asking herself why she was able to heal so well. That healing branched out to the Notre Dame campus, which Scott DeMaria said was interesting because the student body rarely paid attention to women's swimming.
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