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This week’s Industry Insider dives into the world of sponsorships, custom-designed swimwear and pool deck apparel. Tiffany Elias met with Agon’s Jennifer Escalas to discuss the recent change from one logo sponsorship to two and Agon’s unique line of products.

Jennifer explains that this past September, USA Swimming approved athletes to sport up to two sponsors on their racing suit instead of just one. In what is a request from the athletes, this new rule allows for senior swimmers to bring in additional cash. Agon’s method of creating suits from scratch, starting with a white lycra, allows the logos to be died right into the suit. Keep an eye on who your favorite athletes are promoting.

The customization does not end with sponsorships. Agon is fully equipped to create personalized swimwear and team mesh bags. With thousands of colors to choose from, your design is sure to be unique. Agon’s latest product, however, is a polyester, super absorbent and ultra-thin towel. This shammy-like texture can also be customized and come with matching pants!

To learn more about Agon products, check out its web site.

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