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Uploaded on October 13, 2010 by Kaitlin
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The Industry Insider is excited to present one of TYR's latest pieces of equipment, the Burner EBP Fin. Tiffany Elias met with Matt Zimmer, the Promotions and Sales Director for TYR, to discuss the technological advancements and performance benefits of this new model.

This short-blade fin is designed to promote an elevated body position and training at race cadence. Not only is the composition high buoyancy but the ultra-soft rubber will allow for comfort and decreased levels of tendon strain. Say goodbye to those booties!

To learn more about TYR products, check out its web site.

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Swimming World will also be attending the Eastern Coaches Clinic in Cherry Hill, N.J., from Oct 15-17, where we will meet with more of our advertisers. Tune in to the Insider for your latest coverage of the Industry.
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