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Industry Insider : Event Streaming

Uploaded on March 2, 2011 by Kaitlin
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Industry Insider: Event Streaming

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 2. THIS week, the Industry Insider presents the premiere of Event Streaming for Dummies! Host Tiffany Elias elaborates on a platform SwimmingWorld.TV has offered during the past couple of years, and is becoming quite popular among the Elite Team Partners.

SwimmingWorld.TV can come to your event to broadcast prelims and finals races that will forever be archived on SwimmingWorld.TV. In addition to race coverage, interviews and recaps, all footage can be ordered on a DVD.

The Insider gives an example of event coverage from this past week. Seton Swimming brought SwimmingWorld.TV out to Virginia to stream the Virginia Independent High School State Championship Meet. Check out the Event Landing Page for all race footage! Is your team a Standard or Elite Team Partner? Partnership benefits include subscription discounts, event goodie bags, awards vouchers and did we mention event steaming discounts? Find out more information on Team Partnership Benefits If you would like SwimmingWorld.TV to attend your meet or would like more information on how you can become a Swimming World Team Partner contact us at

Thank you for tuning into this week's Industry Insider. Join us next week to find out more information on the giant floating wall you might have come across in pools around the country, the Turnmaster Pro by Finis.
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